Here are some answers to the most common questions our customers and potential customers have. If your question is not answered here, please contact us and we’ll assist in any way we can.

Why are double adaptors so bad?

Double-adaptors to piggy-back a number of electrical items from the one power point can short circuit and cause a fire. If you need more outlets, either have an electrician install extra power points or purchase an approved power board that has a reset button on it.

Why throw away old appliances?

Frayed cords are dangerous and could cause a fire. Do not use appliances with frayed cords. With time, appliances, like everything, become wear out and become unreliable and even dangerous. Modern appliances also have much stricter safety requirements and can also save electricity

Preventative maintenance - why bother?

We all service our cars and keep fuel in the fuel tank so we don’t run out. We even keep our bodies in shape by eating healthy foods and exercising.

Why is it a secret that electrical systems also benefit with preventative maintenance. Its cheaper to keep things running?

It is far cheaper to arrange regular electrical preventative maintenance than it is to deal with a breakdown, which can stop progress and cost the business money in lost trading.

A&K Lievesley can arrange regular maintenance checks for you and send you friendly reminders when your maintenance is due.

Test and tag - why do I care?

WorkCover conduct regular audits of commercial & industrial workplaces and can issue fines under OH&S laws. Employers have a moral and legal obligation to minimise risk of injury to their employees and customers.

Occupational Health and Workplace Safety Acts and Electrical Safety Acts and Regulations in Australia require “an employer to provide and maintain a safe workplace”, which includes maintaining safety in the use of electrical equipment in an attempt to prevent electric shock.

Benefits to hiring a master electrician

Master Electricians is a program that accredits experienced electrical contractors who are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality, electrical safety, energy advice, and service integrity.

For you as a valued customer, this means that you can be assured of the highest standard of service and electrical work from us, always. Additionally, as Master Electricians, we commit to providing you:

  • A 12-month guarantee on all electrical work
  • The highest levels of service and safety
  • Up-to-date advice on energy efficiency

To become Master Electricians, our company undergo stringent safety and quality audits provided by the Electrical and Communications Association (ECA). We are constantly being monitored, including undergoing compulsory annual audits, to ensure that we maintain and uphold the Master Electricians standard.